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Paying for a search

Paying for a search

Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (“EIR”)

Under the EIR, you are entitled to request environmental information which the Council may hold. This information should be provided to you, unless an exception applies and where reasonably practicable, in the format requested. The information provided will be raw data and unchecked and uninterpreted by a specialist Officer. If you wish to obtain raw data then please contact the County Council Freedom of Information team by visiting http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/about-your-council/open-data/freedom-of-information/.  All requests should be responded to within 20 working days or 40 working days if the request is voluminous. Please note that information released by Buckinghamshire County Council under the EIR has not been checked for accuracy or otherwise verified by Council officers.  Users rely upon the data at their own risk and the Council accepts no responsibility for any misuse of the data. 

The County Council operates an enhanced service to provide “Official” CON29R and O searches and also Highway Extent information. This service attracts a fee, with the data packaged up, checked and interpreted by an Officer of the County Council. Response times are up to 3 working days with the majority of requests being responded to within 24 hours. You will be advised if there is any difficulty with responding to your request within 3 working days i.e. if research is required. Any information provided under the enhanced service is  given after the appropriate enquiries have been made and in the belief that they are in accordance with the information at present available to the replying officer of the Council but on the understanding that neither the Council, nor any Council Officer, is legally responsible for them, except for negligence.  Any liability for negligence shall extend for the benefit of not only the person by or for whom the enquiry is made but also a person who or whose agents have knowledge, before the relevant time of the reply to this enquiry.

Enhanced Service

Please note, from 1 March 2017 Buckinghamshire County Council will be charging VAT on CON29R and O, Highway Extents and solicitors own questions as instructed by the HMRC. Details of our fees can be found here http://old.buckscc.gov.uk/transport/were-working-on-it/highways-maintenance/local-land-charges/

Along with the new fees, we will also no longer be accepting cheque payment from 4th July for CON29R and O searches and Highway Extent searches. Payment can be made online as detailed below.

Buy online

Buy your search online. This is quick, easy and secure. Once registered, you can keep a record of all your transactions and the costs. A receipt is automatically emailed to you confirming the date of the search was applied for. You will receive the search response by email, usually within 1-3 days.

Additional questions and highway extents may take longer if they require research but should be emailed to you within 3 working days; you will be advised if there is to be any delay with providing the information to you. For this option, please attach a plan in a PDF format to ensure we are able to view it.

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