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Amersham Parking Restrictions

Amersham Parking Restrictions

Scheme Overview

Where:  Raans Rd, Quill Hall Lane, Scholars Way Centenary Way, Pineapple Rd, Orchard End Ave, White Lion Rd & Lime  Tree Walk
When:  Jan 2017
Status:  In progress
Summary:  Programme for lining & signing works of parking restrictions after formal consultation
Developer:  Transport for Buckinghamshire
Contact:  01296 382841

About the project

As a result of resident concerns raised about non-residential parking, informal consultation was conducted by a local resident group to gauge opinion on imposing parking restrictions on sections of these roads. The results of those exercises formed the basis for Transport for Buckinghamshire to carry out statutory consultation on those proposals. These have now been concluded and the Parking and Schemes Delivery Teams would like to thank all those who responded.

The responses have been reviewed by the Parking Team and the results have indicated that there is a clear majority of support for the introduction of the restrictions consulted upon, with minor amendments in light of the comments received. Copies of the final extents of restrictions to be imposed can be viewed on the attachments below along with the results of the consultation.

The Officer Decisions have now been published which completes the statutory democratic process which allows Transport for Buckinghamshire to proceed with the completing the scheme. We are now working with our Legal Team to complete the making of the Traffic Regulation Orders that are required before the restrictions become legally enforceable.

These are expected to be completed around the end of Jan 2017 when the parking restrictions will become enforceable. We are currently in the process of programming lining and signing and we will endeavour to have the works complete by the end of January to coincide with the making of the Orders. As you can appreciate, weather conditions at this time of year may have a major effect on programming lining elements of the restrictions.

This website will be updated at regular intervals when programming dates are confirmed and the required lines and signs are completed.

Separate letters have been sent to all those residents who will require parking and visitor permits to provide opportunity to obtain them before enforcement commences.  

The Schemes Delivery Team for Transport for Buckinghamshire would like to thank you for your patience in this matter.

Please click here to see the Officer Decision Report and consultation results. 

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