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Leaving care

Leaving care

If you have left foster care or a children's home and you are eligible (in care for 13 weeks from the age of 14, still in care  aged 16-17); relevant (those who have left care and are age 16-17, previously eligible); or former relevant (aged 18 to 21, or 24 if have started a designated higher education course before the age of 21 and were previously either eligible or relevant, or both) you may be able to receive financial support from us.

It is important to talk to your personal adviser about the allowances that may be available to you and what your responsibilities are when receiving them.

When you leave care

When you first leave foster care or a children's home, dependent on your needs, you will be given an allowance based on current benefit rates  to meet your everyday needs and costs.

We will provide for the majority of your needs and assist you to boost your weekly income from education, training and employments opportunities. We may not able to pay for everything you want, but we will ensure that you have all you need  are able to achieve your goals without the worry of money issues.

When you are 16 and 17

We will provide you with money to cover your basic needs, ie funding for accommodation, weekly allowance (for food, phone credit, toiletries etc) clothing allowance, as well as birthday and Christmas/festivals gifts.
Dependent on your circumstances you may also be entitled to help with:

  • Education/training or employment costs
  • Health and counselling needs
  • Leisure activities
  • Important documents ie birth certificate, passport
  • Contact with family and other important adults in your life
  • Incentive payments

When you are 18

If, at the age of 18, you still require financial assistance you are entitled to claim benefits. Your personal adviser will assist you to claim benefits and support you while your claim is being processed.

Setting up home allowance

This is provided to help you set up your new home and may be used in several parts. The allowance covers the cost of your first television licence and household insurance cover as well as kitchen appliances, furniture and bedding.

Contact information

The Aftercare Team
Buckinghamshire County Council
County Hall - 1st Floor
Walton Street
HP20 1UZ


Or email the aftercare team here

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