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Support with Confidence

Support with Confidence

SWC LogoSelf-Directed Support is the new way in which social care is made available to those who need assistance with things such as getting up, shopping, cooking, cleaning, gardening and washing. One of the ways in which people may use their Self-Directed Support is to employ a personal assistant: someone who can work with them to provide the help they need.

To help give people confidence in the personal assistants they employ, Buckinghamshire Trading Standards and Adult Social Care have set up a joint initiative - Support with Confidence - which approves people offering these services.

We carry out background checks, including criminal records checks, on applicants and ensure they are trained in the range of relevant skills needed.

All Support with Confidence approved personal assistants and brokers must also agree to follow a code of conduct ensuring confidentiality and protection of their customers’ interests.

If you offer these services as a self-employed person or a business and wish to become approved by Support with Confidence, you can apply to join the scheme by completing one of the forms below.

How to join

To apply to join Support with Confidence, complete the application form on one of the following links:

There is an annual membership fee which is payable on submission of your application:

  • For a self-employed personal assistant: £20 including VAT

  • For a business with 1-5 employees: £105 including VAT

  • For a business with 6-20 employees: £160 including VAT

  • For a business with 21+ employees: £215 including VAT

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