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Operating Framework

Operating Framework

The Operating Framework is a Council Policy aimed at helping all staff who work for the Council to understand the different accountabilities in different parts of the organisation. It is a key internal governance document for the Council, and is published online to maximise transparency to the public on how the Council is run.

All sections of the policy can be viewed individually and are listed below. You can read the policy document in full.

The contents of this policy document are as follows:


Version No.  Decision-taker Date Decision Taken 
V1  Cabinet  V1 Cabinet 8 Dec 2014 
V2  Leader  V2 Leader 11 July 2016

Lead Policy Owner
: Head of Member Services
Next Review: This document will be reviewed annually by the One Council Board, the next review is due July 2017. Any subsequent significant changes to this document will be agreed by the Leader and any minor changes (for accuracy, legality) will be agreed by the Chief Executive, after consultation with the agreement of the Leader and relevant Cabinet Members

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