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Reference 16855 WDL Date of Application 23/05/2016 Parish Longwick-cum-Ilmer Town/Village Near Longwick Route N/A Proposal Application to add a rout



Public Footpath between Public Footpath No. 14 and No.15, Parish of Chepping Wycombe File Reference 16855WDH Date of Application 14/09/15 Parish Chepping Wycombe



reference 16855 CCS Date of application 13 December 2017 Parish Penn Town/Village near Beaconsfield Route Public Footpath No. 36 to Public Footpath No. 4



reference 16855 WDM Date of application 2 October 2017 Parish High Wycombe Town/Village near Sands / High Wycombe Route Pinewood Road and Public Footpath



reference 16855 ACX Date of application 27 March 2017 Parish Water Stratford Town/Village near Water Stratford / Buckingham Route Between Tingewick Mill



CCR application TitleDetails File reference 16855 CCR Date of application 20 December 2016 Parish Chesham Town/village near Chesham Route Fair Leas to Asheridge Road Proposal Add a public fo


Risk Assessment Multi-Agency Panel (RAMP)

Over the last twelve months there has a pilot project called RAMP (Risk Assessment Management Panel) which has been going on in Buckinghamshire. This project has now ended and as part of the review of


SCAMS and Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse is one of the 10 forms of abuse recognised under the CARE ACT 2014 and as a Board we are keen to promote work around supporting victims of financial abuse of which SCAMS is one form. I


Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding

Under the CARE Act 2014, Domestic Abuse was created as a new catagory of abuse that needed to be addressed through the Adult Safeguarding Process. As a Board we are keen to provide those people who ar


BSAB Leaflets

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Board has developed a range of leaflets which are available to download from the website below:-