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Change for Chesham

Change for Chesham

Change for Chesham logo

Change for Chesham

In 2013 the Change for Chesham campaign returned. The campaign focused on helping the households in Chesham reduce food waste, save money on energy bills, learn about composting and recycling, make sustainable travel choices and encourage participation in health walks.

A number of events were held in Spring and Summer 2013 highlighting the campaign and promoting initiatives such as  Master Composters, Food Champions (Love Food Hate Waste), Community Energy Champions, Travel Choice and Simply Walk.

The aim of the campaign was to help people to make small changes that would help them to save money and start the journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. By having a range of sustainability actions in the programme, the aim was to engage and encourage people to choose the right actions for their circumstances, to save money and make simple changes to lifestyles that will have positive benefits to themselves and their communities. 

Campaign evaluation

Questionnaires were sent to residents in Chesham before and after the campaign. There are a number of findings which can be noted.

  • Respondents attached high importance to sustainability issues, especially the cost of energy bills and fuel, though the proportion considering these ‘very important’ went down between the initial survey and the second survey.
  • The most successful change of behaviour was reducing food waste, followed by improving energy efficiency at home.
  • People who made changes acted according to their values – for example, most people who improved energy efficiency at home attached high importance to their energy bills.

Handy guides

Download the guides below to help you make a Change for Chesham.

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