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Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2004-2016

Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2004-2016

This plan was adopted in 2006. In 2009, the Secretary of State directed that all of the policies (apart from policies 26 and 35) should be ‘saved’ and should continue to inform decisions on planning applications, until they are replaced by new policies in new Development Plan Documents or Local Plans. In addition, the Supplementary Planning Guidance documents will continue to be regarded as a material consideration in determining planning applications until such time as they are replaced or abandoned.  

The Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy (MWCS) Development Plan Document was adopted in November 2012. Therefore some of the ‘saved’ Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan (2004-2016) policies have now been replaced by policies contained in the MWCS. View the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy

The remaining ‘Saved’ BMWLP policies will be replaced by the forthcoming Replacement Minerals and Waste Local Plan. The timetable for producing the replacement plan is available in the latest Local Development Scheme.

You can download the plan and guidance notes below, or order a printed copy for £10 (plus postage and packing) by emailing mineralswastepolicy@buckscc.gov.uk or calling 0845 370 8090.

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