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Fracking for shale gas

Fracking for shale gas


Any planning applications for ‘fracking’ activities associated with shale gas exploration or production in Buckinghamshire require planning permission from us as the ‘Mineral Planning Authority’. 

Planning applications are determined by being considered against ‘saved’ policies from the Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2006 and the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy 2012. The generic policy about oil and gas at present is Policy 9 of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2006,although a number of other policies are also relevant to applications. Please note that the exploration for and production of oil and gas also requires licences, consents, and permits from several other regulatory bodies.

To date, no parties have contacted us concerning ‘fracking’ or any other form of oil and gas exploration. Should an application come forward, then the Cabinet Member for Planning and the Environment, as well as the local councillor for the proposed area, would be notified. 

Several reports on ‘fracking’ have been considered by the Council’s Environment, Transport and Localities Services Committee, and a detailed FAQ note is now available to view online.

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