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Elective home education

Elective home education

Early learning at homeElective Home Education is how the Department for Education describes parents’ decision to provide education for their children at home instead of sending them to school. This is different to home tuition provided by a local authority or education provided by a local authority other than at school.

You take full financial responsibility for providing a 'suitable' and 'efficient' education. You're are not obliged to provide an education in line with the National Curriculum or to be, or have experience as a teacher. You can follow your own philosophy on education.

We can provide advice and guidance for you. However, Local Authorities have a ‘duty of care’ laid on them to try and establish who is home educated in their area and take formal action if they believe that a suitable and efficient education is not taking place.

If you wish to discuss anything call 01296 382687 or email home_ed@buckscc.gov.uk. If you just want to let us know you are home educating complete the Information Record Form below and we'll get in touch with you.

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