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RSS feeds

RSS feeds

RSS feed icon

Subscribing to our RSS feeds is quick and easy.
To add a feed to your internet browser visit the page with an RSS feed, click on the feed icon on the page or browser bar and follow the prompted steps. You need a recent version of a browser eg Internet Explorer or Firefox, please note Google Chrome does not manage RSS feeds.

Alternatively you can use a third party RSS reader.  A RSS reader is a free piece of software that checks the RSS feeds you’ve subscribed to and shows you new items to save you visiting the actual website.
There are lots of different types of RSS readers. Some are web based which you can access from any computer, others need to be downloaded and can only be used on the computer downloaded to.
3 ways to subscribe to an RSS feed. Visit the page with an RSS feed:

  1. click on the orange icon on the top right of the page or browser bar
  2. drag the orange icon into your reader or
  3. drag or paste the feed URL into your reader

You are welcome to use our feed on your website but you must state the information is from Buckinghamshire County Council.

Available feeds

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